About Us.

est. 1842

With a rich 180-year history spanning through the Civil War, Industrial Revolution, two World Wars, and groundbreaking cultural changes, our resilience has empowered us to adapt and evolve to become the Event & Entertainment Industry leader we are today. We are the go-to company professionals rely on for the finest Technical, Theatrical & Event Fabrics, Custom & Rental Drapery, Hardware, Backdrops, and Installation Services. Our Fabrics & Drapery can be found in Theatres, Television & Film Productions, Movie Premiers, Exhibitions, to School Auditoriums, Sporting Arenas, and Studios.

Our longevity inspires and motivates us to always hold true to our founding values by only offering high-quality fabrics, exceptional customer service, precision craftsmanship, and innovative solutions that meet the expectations of our customers.

Relationships are everything. Our client's business is our business. We are dedicated to building long-term, value-added partnerships that provide seamless, knowledgeable, and solution-driven results for our clients.

We love what we do and are committed to fostering a can-do team culture that promotes and encourages personal and professional development in a healthy, supportive environment. We take a collaborative approach to supporting our clients. Trust that when you partner with Dazian you are working with some of the industry’s most creative, experienced, and dedicated professionals. Our fearless team loves a good challenge, pushing new boundaries by redefining what is possible with fabric.

Looking to the future, we are laser-focused on not only our impact on the industries we service but what we leave for the next generation. We are committed to increasing mindful operating practices, reducing our use of natural resources, improving recycling practices, and offering more sustainable products. Through our desire to constantly seek ways to improve our products and processes, we strive to make a positive, lasting difference in the world and to forever change the face of fabrics.

Discover the Dazian Difference.

Meet the Team (at least those who are not camera shy)

CEO/Owner - NJ
The Visionary behind Dazian, CEO, and Fabric Legend with over 55 years of experience in the textile industry. His top priority is his team whom he challenges to grow to their fullest potential. Not only is he a successful businessman, but he's also a volunteer EMT who leads a team of 50 volunteers in providing emergency medical services in his hometown.
Chairman/Owner - NJ
Milt is a seasoned executive and adventurous entrepreneur, who has been on an exciting journey as the chairman of Dazian since ‘98. His entrepreneurial pursuits have led him to rental, manufacturing, and distribution companies, but Dazian has always been the most exhilarating.
Chief Financial Officer - NJ
Andrew is a proud New Yorker, born and bred in the Bronx. You can always count on him to speak his mind, no holding back. With over 40 years of financial expertise, plus 6 years as CFO at Dazian, he knows his stuff. His #1 passion is his family!
Director of Operations - CA
Gerry is our powerhouse Director of Operations - he's been leading the charge at Dazian for an impressive 13 years, and a total of 17 years with the company. A devoted dad of three and a proud Doberman owner. Don’t let his straightforward approach fool you - his logical thinking and cool composure make him anything but ordinary.
Dir. of Sales & Marketing - CA
With 20+ years in the Live Event & Entertainment Industry, Paul joined Dazian in '09, where he expanded their portfolio with innovative Technical Scenic Products. In ‘17, Paul was elevated to Dir. of Product Development, working hand in hand with several key players to create exclusive fabrics and scenic products. Fast forward to ‘21, Paul became Dazian's Dir. of Sales & Marketing!
Purchasing Manager – NJ
Evelyn is a highly motivated 25-year experienced Purchasing-Sourcing Manager who loves networking and helping others. She has established solid vendor relationships all around the world while constantly making new connections. Evelyn finds immense satisfaction in contributing to her team’s success and accomplishing collective objectives.
Production Manager/Sewing Room – CA
Arturo has been Dazian's Production Manager for the past twelve years, bringing a substantial and indispensable level of skill to each project. He demonstrates extraordinary mastery of knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking that is integral in creating unique, inventive solutions. For Arturo, his job is not just an occupation; it’s a lifestyle he wholeheartedly commits himself to with unparalleled passion and enthusiasm.
National Installations Manager - CA
As a 20-year event industry veteran, Jorge delights in breathing life into clients' visions and crafting unforgettable experiences. Prompt decision-making and a focus on safety are Jorge’s forte as fostering creativity while excelling at critical choices. On his days off, he enjoys leisurely Sunday sailing and obsessing over his Fantasy team during football season.
Digital Marketing Manager - CA
Monica is a seasoned marketing and events expert with more than two decades of experience. Her innovative thinking, unparalleled passion, and wealth of experience set her apart from the rest. She has a love for unique sneakers, a fondness for trendy eyeglasses, and an immense appreciation for all things Beyoncé!
Dir. of Print Media - CA
Karl is a print media sales expert, with over 25 years of experience. Beginning his career, at the inception of the first generation of digital printers and media, he has participated in and/or observed all the transformations in this market sector. Making him a highly-valued industry asset.
Senior Account Manager - CA
Jasmin is a seasoned event industry pro with 6 years of experience as an Account Manager at Dazian. She’s all about good entertainment, whether it's a blockbuster flick or a killer live performance. When she’s not rocking out, she loves a good hike and staying active. But most of all, she’s passionate about helping her clients and co-workers succeed.
Senior Account Manager - NJ
Evan is a passionate family man and adventure-seeker who has been an integral Sales Rep with Dazian for eight years. Revered by clients for his timely and thoughtful questions, Evan demonstrates unbeatable response time and drive toward achieving the best possible results.
Senior Account Manager - FL
Luis has a solid 15 years of event experience under his belt and another 7 in Sales at Dazian. He’s driven by results, honesty, and clear-cut communication. Being prompt and painting realistic pictures for clients is a part of his work ethic. When off the clock, Luis enjoys dinner parties, staying fit, and getting his video game fix.
Account Manager - CA
Meet Ed, a seasoned entertainment industry expert with vast experience in the equipment supply and logistics sector. Ed joined Dazian in 2021, bringing a wealth of knowledge with a focus on lighting and drapery rentals. Outside of work, Ed loves immersing himself in the world of art and movies.
Account Manager - NJ
Christine is a designer and feng shui aficionado with 10+ years of experience producing and designing in NYC's event scene. Passionate about textiles, Christine draws inspiration from her fashion background and her work done on Fashion Avenue.
Account Manager - CA
Check out Carlos, the new kid on the block at Dazian. With years of Account Management under his belt, he knows how to get the job done - from start to finish. When he's not working, he's outdoorsy and a major sports fan. So, if you need someone to chat with about the Kings, Lakers, or Dodgers, Carlos is your guy!
Project Manager – CA
Kurt Wilson is a dedicated professional with over 25 years of experience. He has a passion for volunteering with non-profits, particularly those that support music education in public schools. When he's not working hard to provide creative and technical solutions for his clients, Kurt likes to spend time with family, travel around the world, play golf, off-road, and watch foreign films.
Account Manager
Unleashing 15+ years of sales prowess in event rentals and a fervor for world cuisines. Adventurous at heart, her zest for crafting memorable events, and vibrant dedication are the hallmarks of her unstoppable persona.
Inside Sales - CA
With 14 years of experience in the textile industry, Hernan's got the quality game down pat. He's been repping sales for 3 years now, and he's passionate about delivering the best for his clients. From top-notch customer service to dreamy custom drapes, his unconventional thinking and savvy problem-solving skills always come through.
Inside Sales - CA
With 5 years of experience at Dazian, 6 years as a Nuclear Mechanic in the US Navy, and a degree in filmmaking from the NY Film Academy, Max has a passion for hard work and takes pride in doing it well. For him, it's not just about what you do, but how you do it.
Project Estimator - CA
Introducing Mackenzi, the Fabric Maven - a whiz in textiles and one of Dazian’s newest additions. Her passion for sewing was influenced by her mother at a tender age. Her integrity and sharp attention to detail shine in the office. She loves rock climbing, surfing, and making her clothes from recycled materials.
Sales Coordinator – CA
Brianna has been part of the incredible team at Dazian for three months now but has been honing her customer service skills for two years in various roles. She thrives in a fast-paced environment and has a knack for communication. Beauty and makeup are her personal faves, along with all things Disney and shopping on Amazon!
FL Operations/Warehouse Manager
With 25+ years of experience in entertainment and customer service, Andrew is a jack-of-all-trades at Dazian. He manages operations and the warehouse in Florida while also lending a hand to east coast operations and inside sales. Andrew's passion lies in working closely with sales managers and customers to orchestrate spectacular shows featuring Dazian's top-tier products.
Warehouse Manager - NJ
Meet Carlos, a skilled and experienced shipping manager with over 20 years in the game. As a proud GirlDad and avid sports fan, he guides his team with nimble leadership to achieve great success. No challenge is too big for Carlos, who excels both as a team player and an independent worker.
FL Installations Manager - FL
Billy is a devoted father, AV expert, and Scenic Creative Fabric specialist. With 20+ years of experience, he takes great pride in his superior customer service and strong work ethic. He’s dedicated to executing timely delivery, earning him glowing feedback from satisfied clients.